NAKMAS National Governing Body

Nakmas INSURANCE schemes
NAKMAS insurance schemes are the only superior professional insurance scheme available for martial arts practioneers in the UK
NAKMAS is Britain's only independent National Governing Body for martial arts and naturally wishes to protect all members and affiliates by providing them with the very best professional insurance and legal protection package. NAKMAS will not compromise on ensuring the best package is on offer but constantly reviews insurance and legal protection and increases the benefits and protection on a frequent basis.

The following insurances are automatically provided within NAKMAS membership and licensing fees:

If your club/group holds a current/valid NAKMAS affiliation certificate, then the club/group will automatically be provided with Civil Liability as detailed below.

If you hold a current/valid NAKMAS instructor, assistant instructor or student licence, then the licensed member will automatically be provided with both Civil Liability and Personal Accident as detailed below.
Quick Glance: Civil Liability

» Professional indemnity insurance at £10 million pounds to all NAKMAS chief instructors, instructors, assistant instructors, club secretaries and club welfare officers, worldwide cover.

» Public Liability - £10 million pounds.

» Professional Indemnity Insurance - £10 million pounds, worldwide cover (including libel and slander).

» Member to Member Liability Insurance - £10 million pounds.

» Products Liability - £10 million pounds.

» Employers Liability - £10 million pounds.

» Libel & Slander - £10 million pounds - any one occurrence.

» Abuse cover - £2 million, five hundred pounds - any one occurrence.

» Officers and Director liability insurance at £5 million pounds level.

» Martial Arts Equipment Cover - £2,500 (premises only)

» Attractive personal accident and member to member liability insurance at £10 million pounds including free £500 dental insurance cover for every NAKMAS licensed member.

Medical Expenses - up to £5,000.

» Extensive Personal Accident Benefits.

» Legal Protection

In fact, the insurance is so extensive, we do not have enough space to list all of the benefits on this page...!

*Excludes the use of 'live' blades/weapons and professional fighting
Quick Glance: Personal Accident

1. Personal Accident
£50,000, reducing to £5,000 for persons under 16 years old to 3 years old.

2. Loss of Eyes/Limbs/Speech/Hearing

3. Permanent Total Disablement


4. Temporary Total Disablement

£105 per week for Instructors/Assistant Instructors
£55 per week for Members and Students
£20 per week for Unemployed Persons
(14 Day Deferment Period/52 weeks, maximum benefit period)

5. Hospitalisation
£20 per day for Expenses incurred
(Excludes first 7 days and Benefit is paid for a maximum 25 days)

6. Dental Treatment
Up to £500
(Excludes for first £50)

7. Medical Expenses

Up to £5,000.

8. Broken Bones
£100 per claim
(Arms and Legs)

9.Member to Member
£10 million pounds


Permanent Total Disablement
From any Business Profession or Occupation

Temporary Total Disablement
From attending usual Business Profession or Occupation

Medical Expenses
Expenses incurred for immediate and urgent treatment following accidental bodily injury which results in a valid claim under benefits 1 to 4 as detailed above.

Operative Time
Whilst Playing, Practising or Training, including Travelling to and from any Venue for these purposes.
Master Policies and Certificates
Insurance Master Policies and Certificates are available to download for all NAKMAS Chief Instructors and Secretaries via the management secure members area via

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