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NAKMAS Safeguarding Policies 2024
There is no greater trust than that which binds the world to children. No greater responsibility than to ensure that their rights are respected, that their well-being is safeguarded, that they are free from fear and deprivation, and that they are raised in peace.
The Reverend Joe Ellis Chief Executive NAKMAS
As a component of the NAKMAS Safeguarding Action and Implementation Plan 2024, the revised and updated Policy for the Safeguarding and Protection of Young People has been published on this webpage for the convenience of accessing and downloading via the following link:

웃 Young Person Policy 2024
Also, the revised and updated Safeguarding Adults' Policy is also available via the following link:

유 Safeguarding Adults Policy 2024
Any Safeguarding Concerns?
For any inquiries or concerns regarding safeguarding matters, kindly reach out to NAKMAS through the following channels:

NAKMAS Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Helen Bradman

Please copy emails sent to Helen via this email address:

Telephone: 01227 370055
(Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm)

Text/SMS 24/7: 07908683134

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